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Want new sales leads fast? DatabaseDiary provides quality marketing databases and lists at low prices backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We supply marketing data to small and large businesses, researchers, universities and many others 

Our customers receive a Free Annual Update for databases they have purchased (1+ year after sale). Our customer service team is available 24 X 7 and our data analysts ensure that our data stays updated using both software solutions and manual verification methods to identify out-of-date records and replace them with accurate data. In addition, we buy new data from leading wholesale data companies on a regular basis. 

You can select from our country-specific, packaged marketing databases or pick a custom-targeted list by the state or territory you desire. With over 300 Million records for businesses, homes, schools and more worldwide, our complete database is one of the largest available online. 

Find the targeted contact data you want, download it typically within 2 hours, and start generating new sales leads quickly!

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  1. Data Updated Regularly
  2. Super Low Prices
  3. Satisfaction Guaranteed 100%
  4. Sample Files Free
  5. Annual Updates Free
  6. Fast File Downloads
  7. Great 24x7 Support

What customers are saying about us:

The leads we received from DatabaseDiary databases over the past 3 years have far exceeded the costs. We use them to keep our marketing database updated every year.

- Stewart Dunn

Director, Newsquest Media Group

Our direct mail campaign of special offers in the Brisbane area resulted in 14 new customers in the first month. It was well worth the price of the residential list we bought from DatabaseDiary.

- Callandra Jacobs

Owner, Made Clean Services

The marketing list we bought from DatabaseDiary helped us improve the number of new sales leads for our studio last quarter. We think their lists are more accurate than others we've bought before.

- Tina Banton

Director, Instani Web Design

The data quality is good, the prices are low and we've always generated new leads from DatabaseDiary residential database. We will continue to buy new marketing data from them in the future.

- Bob Richardson

General Manager, Affordable Air

We purchased the UK Business Database and had good success marketing our services. It was a good value for the price.

- Gary Wheeler

Owner, The Pool Valet

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Database-diary is a leading data broker with one of the largest marketing databases anywhere. We offer targeted marketing mailing and email lists, email databases, business lists, residential databases, and direct mail lists for all kinds of businesses, research agencies, non-profits and many other types of organizations.  You can buy marketing data in packaged databases for your targeted country or create custom lists and databases using our state or territory specific dropdown menus (when available depending upon country size). 

The Database-diary master database has over 300 Million records and the majority of our marketing data is for business and residential contacts  in Australia, NZ, UK, America ( USA ), and Canada.

Through the targeted marketing lists we provide which include email address lists, residential lists, school lists and others, we can help you find key contacts across all of Australia. The Database-diary business database contains industry categories for various types of businesses throughout Australia. We offer  mailing lists, email lists and direct mail marketing lists for the Australian territories-  New South Wales ( NSW ), Victoria ( VA ), Queensland ( QLD ), Tasmania ( TAS ), SA, NT, ACT, and all of the island territories.

We have the most desired audiences for business lists, residential lists, school lists and others  in the UK:

The Database-diary marketing databases and lists for UK business include categories for various business types across the United Kingdom. Purchase a marketing database for all types of businesses, residential addresses, primary schools and universities, and more including the 5 countries that comprise the United Kingdom- England, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland. 

We also have contact data for tens of thousands of businesses in America ( USA ) in the Database-diary master database:

To find the right lists and targeted American business databases, simply search our record counts for the USA Business Database. In addition, we offer a huge residential database for the USA. These data sets include millions of contact records where you can buy email lists, get phone numbers and find direct mail for businesses, lawyers, doctors, residences, schools and more across the 50 states in America. The most popular email lists to buy are for New York, California, Texas, and Florida, but you can also buy marketing lists for other states too. We even have marketing data for doctors, lawyers / attorneys, medical, real estate agents, pharmacists, service companies, manufacturers and many other business categories based on SIC codes.

To buy marketing lists for Canada, simply search our marketing databases with Canadian contact data including the following:

Database-diary offers many targeted marketing lists and databases including SIC codes and demographic data for businesses throughout Canada. We have contact records for thousands of businesses in Canada across the Canadian provinces of Alberta ( AB ), British Columbia ( BC ), Manitoba ( MB ), New Brunswick ( AB ), Newfoundland and Labrador ( NL ), Nova Scotia ( NS ), Ontario ( ON ), Prince Edward Island ( PE ), Quebec ( QC ), and including Saskatchewan ( SK ). Most of our customers in Canada look to buy email lists for businesses in Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Ottawa. 

The Database-diary master database includes most of the businesses in New Zealand ( NZ ) as well as their primary and secondary schools  and universities:

We are a major list broker for New Zealand and have over 250,000 NZ businesses that include most industries in New Zealand. Our contact records have email address lists for NZ businesses and schools. You can find the record counts for our NZ marketing lists with quality marketing data  for New Zealand.

Customers often find online by entering the following searches:

The vast majority of our customers want to buy email lists or buy direct marketing lists. To buy marketing lists from Database-diary, many people search our country, state or territory  lists. We can also be found by searching for list brokers using the terms Australia list broker, Canada list broker, UK list broker, American list broker, or NZ list broker. 

We also have other websites that offer the same great marketing databases and lists including and

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